Perspectives for the Production of Green Hydrogen in Brazil


  • Victoria Alejandra Salazar Herrera
  • Federico Bernardino Morante Trigoso
  • Adriano Gomes de Freitas



Brazil, Green Hydrogen, Photovoltaic Energy, Renewable Energy, Wind Energy.


Brazil has great potential to become a world leader in the production of green hydrogen (H2V), but it still does not take advantage of it, mainly due to lack of investment. The country has a mostly renewable energy matrix, with emphasis on hydroelectric, wind and solar energy. Brazil has a large territory with favorable geographic and climatic conditions for the production of H2V. The Brazilian territorial sea has an immense potential for renewable energy generation that is totally unexplored. Brazil needs to invest more in research and development to take advantage of its full potential. It is also necessary to create public policies to encourage the H2V production. This article discusses the theme and evaluates regions that have vocation and potential for the production of H2V. The article argues that, with investments and research, Brazil can become a leader in the production of this clean and renewable fuel.




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PIOVANI, J., Alejandra Salazar Herrera, V., Bernardino Morante Trigoso, F. e Gomes de Freitas, A. 2023. Perspectives for the Production of Green Hydrogen in Brazil. International Symposium on Energy: Energy Transition, Green Hydrogen and Sustainable Industry. 1, 1 (dez. 2023). DOI: