Layout optimization of offshore wind farms for electricity and clean hydrogen production


  • Hayro Anthony Pumalloclla Castilla
  • Karen Fernanda de Paula
  • Joel David Melo Trujillo
  • Mahdi Pourakbari-Kasmaei



Clean Hydrogen, Layout, Reconfiguration, Optimization, Wind Farm Offshore.


In several countries, energy planners have analyzed wind energy expansion in the sea to, e.g., diversify their electricity generation matrix. For example, in Brazil, 700 GW of offshore wind energy can be used to generate electricity. However, offshore wind projects have high costs related to capital expenditures and operating expenses. One way to reduce these costs is to evaluate the production of electrical energy and clean hydrogen. Thus, this work presents an optimization model to determine the optimal layout of offshore wind farms, minimizing capital expenditures and operating expenses. Such a model is formulated as a mixed-integer nonlinear optimization problem. This model is applied to determine the layout of 30 offshore wind turbines to be connected to a 220 kV substation at sea. The optimal configuration of the offshore wind farm is found using two metaheuristics and an optimization solver to ensure the best solution to the problem. The results of this model can help energy sector planners and agents in each country to use offshore potential energy better, meeting demands for electricity and clean hydrogen.




How to cite

Anthony Pumalloclla Castilla, H., Fernanda de Paula, K., David Melo Trujillo, J. e Pourakbari-Kasmaei, M. 2023. Layout optimization of offshore wind farms for electricity and clean hydrogen production. International Symposium on Energy: Energy Transition, Green Hydrogen and Sustainable Industry. 1, 1 (dez. 2023). DOI:

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